The answers to frequently asked questions concerning BELLE BANNE.

What does "BELLE BANNE" mean?
It is French for "beautiful belt".
Can parts be purchased separately?
Parts are sold separately. When ordering, let us know the type. name of part, and how many you want.
We are concerned about corrosion. Do you offer specifications other than standard to meet certain conditions?
Besides the standard specifications of iron (SS400), anticorrosive stainless steel (SUS304) is also available. We also offer special design for other conditions (belt speed, etc.). Contact us for details.
How do I go about selecting a cleaner?
A, R, E and H type cleaners are available for forward-reverse conveyors. P and U types are available for dedicated forward conveyors.
What types are available for H type suspension size?
There are suspensions for 150 and 200 tip widths. There are 5 types (SS, S, M, L , LL) that may be selected according to the diameter of the pulley. When ordering, indicate 150 or 200(tip width), size and quantity.
What should I do when cleaning effect dropped down?
Has the transported material accumulated around tips? To enhance cleaning effect, try cleaning the area in question. Also make sure pressure is correct.